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On the next pages, you will encounter a number of music clips, with survey questions following each clip. Please choose what you feel is the BEST selection for each question, keeping in mind that the clip might not fit exactly into one category. Please also answer all the questions about each clip before moving onto the next. When you are finished with one page of questions, hit the SUBMIT button. This will send your results to us and take you to the next page. There is one clip per page and 15 pages for each test. YOU MIGHT ENCOUNTER DUPLICATE CLIPS. Please just rate them again as best you can.

To get you warmed up, an example clip with corresponding questions is below. These example questions are identical to the ones you will be answering in the survey. When you have reviewed the example and are ready to move onto the real survey, click the "Start the Survey!" link below.

That's it! You're ready to go. Thank you again for your participation!

Sample Clip

How would you rate the speed of this clip?
Extremely Slow Very Slow Slow Average Fast Very Fast Extremely Fast
How would you rate the level of this clip?
Extremely Soft Very Soft Soft Average Loud Very Loud Extremely Loud
How would you rate the brightness of this clip?
Extremely Dark Very Dark Dark Average Bright Very Bright Extremely Bright
How would you rate the percussiveness of this clip?
Extremely Smooth Very Smooth Smooth Average Percussive Very Percussive Extremely Percussive
How would you rate the tension of this clip?
Extremely Tense Very Tense Tense Balanced Relaxed Very Relaxed Extremely Relaxed
How would you rate the energy of this clip?
Extremely Calm Very Calm Calm Balanced Energtic Very Energetic Extremely Energetic
If you had to choose one of the following adjectives to describe the mood of this clip, which would you choose?
How well do you believe that the adjective selected above describes the clip?
Fairly Well
Very Well

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